If not all data is relevant, where does analysis begin? ShiftLeft starts by investigating exceptions. Aberrations. What data seems to fall one or more standard deviations from the norm? What can’t be readily explained?

For one customer we created an Exception Report that was added to their standard daily status report. Managers told us they began to read this report first because it immediately identified problems in their supply chain. They were even able to proactively call their vendors to tell them about their own quality control issues. In other words, they caught the problems where they originated, not downstream.

Oh, and we even helped them set up real- time exception reporting by developing a mobile solution that immediately notifies managers company-wide about aberrant data. What took them days to discover now takes hours — or less.

That’s the power of analytics. And the principles of effective analytics can be applied to ANY industry. We should know. We’ve done it. In manufacturing. In healthcare. In Regulated Industries. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Data Visualization

Data visualization would seem to be just what it sounds like: the visual representation of data. What’s so difficult about that? Pie charts, bar graphs, Venn diagrams. Yet, to be effective you need the right data and the right form of visualization. A beautifully rendered graphical model of the wrong data is art. It might look nice in a PowerPoint presentation or quarterly report but it won’t help you make the right decisions (in fact, it’s likely to lead you to the wrong ones). Likewise, the poorly visualized model of the right data may not convey the necessary urgency of a significant event or trend (indeed it might obscure it).

At ShiftLeft we have experience with all manner of modeling methodologies, from standard charts and graphs to 3D models, complex mind maps and semantic networks. We know how to convey ideas effectively through both form and function, providing insights into complex data by communicating in an intuitive way. Insights that produce the kind of clarity needed to act decisively. With confidence. Who wouldn’t like to have more of those “Aha!” moments?