CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Been There, Done That

At ShiftLeft we don’t need to rattle off all of the CRMs we’ve worked with (OK., SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, GoldMine, ACT, SalesLogix…). That’s because we’ve done more than work with them. We’ve installed, used and migrated all of these solutions. We’ve put them together and taken them apart. And not just a few times. We know how they work under the hood. (For example, we can tell you that Goldmine, while it works fine as a CRM, has one of the most diabolically designed databases ever constructed — and we’re one of the few companies that can help you migrate all of your Goldmine data.

As a result we are
experts at best practices. We know how to implement a CRM the right way, the first time. We also know how to dig you out of a hole if you’re suffering from a poorly implemented system (don’t be ashamed, you’re in very good company). Most important, because we don’t sell any of these products, our recommendations are based on your needs, not on our own preferences and biases.

A well implemented CRM is a powerful tool. It can . . . A poorly implemented CRM can build silos of data, cutting your staff off from vital information by burying it in obscure places.
Learn more about how Shift Left can help provide CRM solutions in the following areas:
  • consulting (product selection, best practices, and beyond)
  • new product implementations
  • data migrations (any CRM to any CRM)
  • system optimization (are you getting the most from your CRM?)
  • analytics (utilizing the data for better decision making)

1 + 1 = 3

Effective Customer Relationship Management is more than sales force automation (which is to say, contact management and lead tracking). And it goes beyond customer service and support (call center and help desk solutions). CRM, properly implemented, is both of these things . . . and more. It’s the Gestalt. The unified whole. The relationship. And if managed correctly, it doesn’t end. (Gestalt is probably a bit much but overall I think this is a good start. I’m not sure what you mean by the relationship not ending. If you are headed to life-time value of a customer, etc. that is good addition.)

Do your sales people know what your service staff do about a client? (Without calling them and asking?) Do your executives know what they need to know from service and sales prior to a site visit? (Without another “all hands on deck” meeting?). Be honest. If the answer is no, you don’t have an effective CRM.

Well implemented CRM solutions help you understand and cultivate your organization’s relationships. EVERYONE (from your sales team, to your service staff, to your executives . . . even your CEO) needs to know what’s going on. with your customers.

Migrate / Update we can help.

Have you outgrown GoldMine and are ready to upgrade your CRM software to or SugarCRM? Migrating years of contacts, accounts, sales history, emails, etc. isn't as simple as it seems. Our CRM migration process is quick, affordable and can be customized to support your specific sales automation needs. We can even train your users on how to get the most out of your investment!