When most people hear mobile computing they think small.

[We think big.]

If you remember just one point about our philosophy on mobile let it be this: mobile devices are NOT small laptops. Every other point follows from this observation. At ShiftLeft we don’t simply reproduce a miniaturized version of your website and call it a mobile solution. We start from a white sheet, helping you design and deploy a strategy that takes advantage of what mobile does best.

Think about it. How can you possibly design a website that is simultaneously optimized for a 30-inch flat panel display AND a 2.5-inch hand-held device? The answer is you can’t. Which is why you need a strategy based on mobile first. A strategy geared toward speed, convenience and ease of use. Your customers want it and they want it NOW. Why else would they be coming to you on their cell phones?

A Matter of Scale
Most organizations settle for a solution that is either (a.) scaled down: a tiny version of their website (which drives users crazy); (b.) scaled back: a small subset of functions available on their full site (which leaves users thinking, is that it?); or (c.) both (ouch). Even if you don’t hire ShiftLeft, you’d be wise to take this advice with you: Don’t allow your existing website to dictate your mobile strategy. Then you won’t be scaling at all. You’ll be creating.

Power in Your Hands
Make no mistake. Handheld devices are becoming the primary path to the Internet. With the advancement of 3G networks (and gigabit-speed 4G arriving now) users carry broadband with them. Everywhere. They’re beginning to access the Internet on their mobile devices more frequently than on their laptops or other computers, which means they’re making the choices and decisions they used to make on their computers on their handhelds. You can’t afford a mobile strategy that’s a paltry substitute for your website. Your mobile apps need to be fast, intuitive, functional and capable of standing on their own.

The Future
Want to see where the Internet is headed? In Japan broadband access is upwards of 20 times faster than in the U.S. Ponder for a moment broadcast-quality, full-screen television that doesn’t stutter. Wireless handheld videoconferencing. High definition telemedicine. In the UK, Switzerland and France, mobile payment systems allow users to swipe their cell phones rather than credit cards to pay for train fares. And books. And movie tickets. These mobile technologies are coming to a theater near you (and we can help you get ready).

The Here and Now
At ShiftLeft we know you want to do the basics first: develop a functional mobile solution that can be deployed efficiently and effectively, right now. We also know you want a forward-looking provider who can help you develop a strategy that anticipates evolving technology and user expectations. ShiftLeft does both. Our projects in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S. have yielded a truly global perspective on mobile technology. Our mobile solutions do more than work today; they position you for tomorrow.