Once we’ve identified and isolated the data to track, we need to set up automated systems for reporting. At Shift Left we regularly work with the full range of reporting systems. From simple spreadsheet-based approaches and Access databases to robust SQL data structures and ERP systems. We’ve done it. Microsoft, SAP, Hyperion, Oracle, Business Objects. We can build the automated reports that capture the data you need to optimize performance at every level of your organization.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current reporting system and need something more robust. We can help you. Or maybe you already have something in place that’s working but you need to optimize it. We can do that, too. Remember, we’re business analysts first, software developers second. Our goal is to help you improve your processes, not push you toward specific products.

Data vs. Information

There’s a big difference between data and information. Data is the constant stream of numbers, facts and figures that flow in and out of any system. Information is what you pluck from that stream to make smart business decisions.
Data is not meaningfully organized or contextualized. Information is organized, contextualized and, as a result, actionable. In other words, information is relevant data. Do you know which data is relevant to your business’s success?
ShiftLeft helps its clients in the areas of analytics, reporting and data visualization. All three are essential to effective decision making. If you’re not doing these things right now you’re flying your plane without instruments. Reacting to perceptions. Eventually you’ll encounter something unexpected (like wind sheer). Wouldn’t it be nice to see it coming? ShiftLeft help can help you do just that.