Field Services Solution

Field service management is a piece of cake, right? Don’t we all have cell phones? And not just cell phones, smart phones. Our staff in the field can just call us to report back on issues. We’ll call them when we need to update their assignments or work orders. As long as we keep in communication we’re operating efficiently.

Wrong. Effective FSM is about far more than communication. It’s about information. If you’re not utilizing a real-time mobile field service management system you’re letting invaluable information slip through your fingers. Information essential for refining and improving your processes.

Look at it this way. Let’s say you have 50 technicians in the field. Or 500. Or 5,000. Now let’s imagine they’re setting up in-store displays (bear with us if this isn’t your kind of industry, because the ShiftLeft methodology for field service management can help any business that utilizes a decentralized service model — really). In the process of setting up one of a couple dozen displays he realizes he’s missing a part. Not unusual, so he finishes his work and moves onto the next site. At the end of the day maybe he remembers to make note of the missing part, maybe he doesn’t.

To the agent in the field this kind of problem seems mundane. But now imagine this. The company’s field agents enter their notes into field services management software on their handheld devices in real time. An analyst at the central office receives an automated alert. There’s been a rash of reports from the field of a missing part from one of their several thousand products. No single agent could have noticed this problem independently but with real-time analysis it’s clear that this is no isolated incident. It’s a systemic problem. The kind of problem that can destroy reputations.

ShiftLeft provides both software and consulting services for field service management. We know this business inside and out. Our own FSM solution is designed for any industry where decentralized sales or service models exist. Retail. Food, Software. We’ll say it again: ShiftLeft’s FSM solution can be tailored to any decentralized business environment.

Best of all our solution can be used in an off-line mode. This is a big deal. Many smart phones only let you work on web based applications while you are connected. This can cause two problems; how do you work in a cell-free zone and what happens when you have written 75% of your status report and the phone rings… you get to start over. Our system automatically pushes things to the field and synchronizes data to the central server.

Our solution is based upon best-of-breed components. Custom software solutions mean custom support (expensive) hard to get technical resources to make future changes (very expensive) and little flexibility to integrate with other systems (very, very expensive). We used off the shelf components / technologies that allow for ease of support, enhancements and the client being able to make changes to the system themselves; non-technical staff can create projects, task lists, surveys, etc.

Don’t allow valuable information to slip through your fingers. Let ShiftLeft help you implement a real-time mobile FSM system that will save you time, allow you to be proactive and make your customers very happy.

Already have a system in place but want to optimize it? We can do that, too. Our experience runs the gamut, from small businesses looking for help establishing best practices to large, publicly-traded companies that want to refine their processes.